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  • SmartDrill Data Mining offers our clients data-driven solutions using marketing analytics, market research, operations research, decision analysis and project management.
  • SmartDrill offers data-driven solutions, including: Market Analysis, Product Development, Positioning, Marketing Mix, Media Mix, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • We offer many types of market analysis, including sales forecasting, retail trade area analysis, database marketing analysis.
  • Our advanced analytic and research methods can help you with product development and pricing, and can also help reduce cost and product complexity.
  • Our data-driven insights can help you identify the key components of a successful brand positioning: target market definition; competitive frame; and unique sales proposition.
  • We apply data-driven marketing-mix analysis to understand what combination of outbound and inbound marketing approaches will work best. We help with channel strategy, SEO, Web traffic analysis, and more.
  • Prospecting for new customers? Developing customer loyalty programs? Looking for the best cross-sell/up-sell opportunities for increasing customer lifetime value? We have analytic and research solutions for CRM.
  • We offer operations solutions for cost/profit/process Optimization, Risk Analysis, Decision Analysis and Project Management.
  • SmartDrill offers a broad portfolio of data, research and analytic services, including data collection, data management and advanced analytics for both marketing and operations management.
  • We handle data collection and data management; public data acquisition; and syndicated data overlays. We design and execute qualitative and quantitative primary research and perform secondary data collection and analysis such as Web scraping, social media analysis, etc.
  • SmartDrill has a broad array of marketing analytic services. We have deep and broad experience, from classical statistics to the newest machine learning techniques; and from traditional structured data analysis to sentiment mining of unstructured text data.
  • This page describes a variety of data analytic techniques ranging from simpler to more advanced, and discusses the strengths and limitations of each one.
  • This bank loan credit risk analysis demonstrates the use of binary logistic regression for identifying high-risk loan applicants.
  • This brokerage services analysis demonstrates the use of a predictive ordinal CHAID model for market segmentation and targeting.
  • Here we discuss the area broadly defined as life data analysis, including reliability analysis (or failure analysis), the Weibull distribution and related topics.
  • This page contains links to downloadable pdf versions of various pages on the SmartDrill website.
  • Our staff’s research and analytic consulting experience covers a wide range of B-to-B and B-to-C industries, as well as nonprofits and government agencies.
  • Here is a partial list of Analytic Clients and Research Clients our staff have served, including B-to-B, B-to-C, nonprofits and government agencies.
  • Here are some case studies covering analytic projects & research projects for B-to-B and B-to-C, nonprofits and government agencies.
  • We are a business intelligence firm that has participated in research and analytic consulting efforts on behalf of clients ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100 companies, as well as nonprofits and government organizations.
  • Here are some links to free analytic and research information on the Web.
  • Here are selected book titles in the areas of analytics, market research, operations research, decision analysis and project management.
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