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Data, Research & Analytic Services Overview

SmartDrill's problem-solving process begins with understanding our clients' primary goals and challenges. We then meet project deliverables through timely execution of tasks across all project phases including data collection, processing, analytics, and presentation of results.

Problem Definition and Project Design

Depending on the extent of the client’s pre-existing knowledge and experience, we may get involved early in the decision process, helping to define or clarify the key problem(s) to be solved and the optimum scope for the engagement. Because of our extensive experience in marketing/management consulting, research and analytics, we may even help the client to rethink some of their previously defined key objectives to specify a more actionable solution process.

Data Collection

Whether the required data are external or internal to the client, we can help to develop an efficient and effective data accumulation strategy, and then follow up obtaining the appropriate project data. We can assist with sourcing data from client-proprietary databases, public data repositories, syndicated sources, or via the design and execution of custom market research studies.

Data Management

Data may come from a single source or multiple sources. In either case, we can collect, organize and maintain project data so that it is easily accessible and maximally useful. Although this data management function typically applies to the data we will be analyzing during the project, we can also assist with ad hoc tasks such as the design of a client’s internal database or a cloud database, quite apart from any proposed or ongoing project.

For more detailed information on our extensive array of data services, please visit the Data and Research Services page.

Advanced Analytics

  • For marketing analytics, we employ a broad array of tools, and deep experience in classical inferential statistics and the newest machine learning techniques, to develop powerful, actionable solutions via the analysis of both structured/numeric and unstructured/text data. For more details about specific tools and techniques, please visit the Marketing Analytics page.
  • For Operations Research & Analytics, we offer solutions in areas such as process optimization; risk analysis and simulation modeling; decision analysis; and project management. For more details about specific tools and techniques, please visit the Operations Research and Analytics page.

Results Implementation Assistance

We stay actively involved in helping our clients to implement successful programs that have significant impact on ROI. Our primary goal is that consulting solutions become an organic part of our client's environment.

· Marketing Analytics 
· Market Research
· Operations Research
· Risk/Decision Analysis
· Project Management


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