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Industry Examples 

Here are some brief examples of our work across several industries.


Our staff have extensive experience in all types of business research and analysis. For example: 

·     We assisted a leading direct marketing services firm’s clients with a variety of research and analytic projects, including positioning and name development research for a women’s apparel brand; and targeting and credit-risk analysis for a major credit card company. 

·    For a national advertising agency, we helped several of their clients with qualitative and quantitative creative development research, and with geodemographic and lifestyle segmentation and targeting analysis to support positioning, advertising and media strategies.


·     We assisted a leading automobile manufacturer with sophisticated multivariate options-bundling analyses that reduced bundle complexity and resulted in significant cost savings without sacrificing customer satisfaction. 

·     We helped a van-conversion company with competitive and customer research and analysis to improve its product offerings and increase customer satisfaction.

Building supply (products and retailing):

·     For a leading manufacturer of building supplies, our staff designed and executed spokesperson testing research, advertising communications testing and brand/advertising tracking research. 

·    For a major national building supply retailer, we performed chain-wide store opportunity analyses to support acquisition and divestiture decisions and merchandise mix planning.   Back to Top 

Consumer electronics:

For a leading manufacturer of automobile radar detectors, we designed and executed a complex analytic project that used syndicated and proprietary data on user demographics, lifestyle and automobile ownership and usage patterns to improve targeting and positioning strategies.   Back to Top 

Consumer packaged goods (food & beverage, health & beauty, etc.):

·     For a well-known manufacturer of health and beauty products, we conducted an extensive, integrated analysis of manufacturing, marketing and advertising to help the client with product-line adjustments, retail product distribution and communications strategy. 

·     We assisted a leading food products manufacturer with home-use testing of new breakfast products.

·     We helped a leading beauty products manufacturer with advertising development and brand/advertising tracking research. 

·     For a major manufacturer of beer and cream ale, we designed and executed advertising development research, communications testing, tracking research, and competitive taste testing.  Back to Top 


Financial Services (banking, interbank networks, insurance, investment brokerage, investment banking):

Our staff has extensive research and analytic experience in financial services, including banking, investment brokerage and insurance. We have helped leading firms define and segment their markets, develop cross-sell/up-sell and new-product strategies, and design outreach programs to target prospects and existing customers. Examples of our engagements include: 

·     For a major national bank and home loan company, we built a CHAID segmentation and targeting up-sell model that significantly improved HELOC sales among current mortgage customers.  And after the bank acquired another bank, the same model was applied to the acquired customer base with equally good results.

·     For a major regional bank, we analyzed a large array of consumer product offerings and key characteristics of customer households, to determine the next product(s) to sell to a given household. 

·     For a securities brokerage firm, we helped maximize margin by building and comparing customer-targeting models for both online and traditional off-line trading. This allowed the brokerage to successfully tailor its online strategy to the appropriate target groups, while also maintaining consistency with the firm's overall business strategy and positioning.   Back to Top 



We assisted a franchise architecting/consulting firm with development and testing of a model to identify franchisee candidates that would have the greatest likelihood of franchise management success, based on historical data on franchisee characteristics, trade area parameters and sales performance.  Back to Top 

Games and toys:

For a major manufacturer of toys and games, we conducted multiple play-testing and package-design research projects.  Back to Top 

Health Care:

For leading healthcare companies, we have designed and executed research and analytic projects to help understand, among employers and plan subscribers/prospects, health plan needs and perceptions. We have helped with not only targeting, but also product development and outreach/messaging strategy development. Examples of our engagements include: 

·     We analyzed medical utilization data for a major health care underwriter. The results gave the client a much clearer picture of absolute profit/loss; helped drive product formulation and margin-based pricing; and provided the client with a forecasting model to assist underwriters during the contract negotiation process with both existing and prospective customers. 

·     We developed a complex segmentation and targeting model for a major nonprofit healthcare insurance underwriter to optimize the matching of insurance plan types with specific corporate and plan subscriber profiles to improve both sales and customer satisfaction.     Back to Top 

Heavy/Industrial equipment:

·     For a leading manufacturer of chemical storage tanks, we assisted with brand image/positioning research, communications testing, and brand/advertising tracking research. 

·     We helped a well-known manufacturer of escalators and elevators with competitive product research and positioning analysis.   Back to Top 

High Technology/Information Technology (hardware and software):

We have assisted leading hardware and software companies in identifying key B-to-B and B-to-C market opportunities and developing effective targeting and messaging strategies. We have extensive experience conducting research and analysis among both consumers and IT professionals. Examples of our engagements include: 

·     For a major supplier of computer hardware/software solutions, we built a sophisticated targeting model to predict not only which companies would be most likely to buy, but also their likely long-term value after conversion. 

·    We helped a leading manufacturer of computers and peripherals revamp their Web site customer satisfaction measurement system. This included a complete overhaul of online survey instruments and the application of more sensitive and powerful data analytic techniques. The result was a threefold increase in survey response rates and much more actionable information.   Back to Top

Internet-based products and services:

For a well-known online portal and provider of content and services, we developed a predictive prospect conversion model that sharply reduced customer acquisition costs. We also developed a predictive churn model to facilitate preemptive outreach, thus reducing attrition of existing customers.    Back to Top 


·     We assisted a major regional symphony orchestra with donor/subscriber research and analysis to support attendee acquisition, retention and up-sell programs.

·     We conducted extensive image and donor research and competitive analysis to help a major national charitable organization improve its fundraising efforts.

·    We developed and executed a market research and analytics project to help a Visiting Nurse Association better understand the local population's needs and perceptions, thus improving its ability to serve the community.   Back to Top

Public health:

For a state-level Department of Public Health, we conducted research and analysis to understand demographic, social and personality characteristics of youth who are most at risk to begin smoking cigarettes. Our efforts greatly facilitated the development of intervention outreach programs and communications messaging.  Back to Top

Retailing (bricks-and-mortar, catalog and online):

·     Our staff helped a major national apparel retailer with consumer research to improve shoe department sales, and also developed a large tracking study to monitor and evaluate the chain’s brand and advertising performance. 

·     We designed and executed a large, complex, chain-wide store performance analysis for a major retail chain drugstore brand. The analysis help the client understand, among other things, how to adjust merchandise mix and display parameters in individual stores to maximize traffic and profit in each retail trade area. 

·     We helped a leading office supply retailer with market segmentation and channel strategy development, facilitating the successful expansion from traditional bricks-and-mortar and catalog to online sales, thus maximizing overall profit and minimizing cross-channel cannibalization.  Back to Top

Social media/marketing:

We helped a leading social media/marketing firm develop more efficient and effective research, analytic and reporting systems to evaluate its clients’ social marketing campaign effectiveness.   Back to Top



·     We assisted a major supplier of DSL phone services with business-to-business and business-to-consumer targeting of loop-qualified prospects, and also conducted follow-up performance analyses to assist marketing and sales. 

·     We built a churn model for a major national telco to measure likelihood of churn among the current customer base. This model helped to identify those customers most likely to defect, so that churn prevention outreach efforts could be targeted at them.  Back to Top

Travel, tourism and hospitality services:

·     For a passenger rail service, we conducted image and services-evaluation research and analysis to support marketing and advertising efforts. 

·    We designed and executed multi-regional segmentation and targeting analyses for a leading car-sharing company, thus greatly clarifying the characteristics of households most likely to use the service in each major market.  Back to Top


We helped a large metropolitan natural gas distribution company with image research and customer satisfaction research and analysis.  

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