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Product or Service Development

light bulbSmartDrill offers sophisticated research- and analytic-based solutions to assist with development of new products or services. Our advanced methods help to determine optimal product/service feature combinations and pricing, so that you are better able to provide customers with exactly what they want at a sustainable price.

For existing brands, we can help you understand purchase decision factors that determine whether a potential customer will choose your brand vs. a competitor's. Armed with this knowledge, you can better adjust product and/or marketing strategies for maximum advantage.

Product Features and Pricing Optimization

We can utilize a variety of research and analytic techniques that realistically model and mimic the typical customer decision process. Depending on the specific situation, our approach might include Choice-Based Modeling and/or other techniques. For example, we can determine the attractiveness of various features-and-pricing bundles, and then also run simulation models to determine which configurations will likely achieve maximum market share or profit.

Reducing Product Complexity and Cost

We can also assist manufacturers with options-bundling simplification and, thus, cost reduction. By using powerful multivariate analytic techniques, our solutions help to satisfy the marketplace at a lower go-to-market cost.

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