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positioningIn simplest terms, your brand's positioning is what the brand stands for in the customer's mind. So it is crucial for marketers to understand how their brand is perceived relative to its competitive set of brands. Our data-driven strategic insights can help you identify the key components of a successful brand positioning:

  • Target market definition 
  • Determination of the correct competitive set 
  • Development of a unique sales proposition 

Market Segmentation

The age of the mass market has been waning for some time now. Markets have become increasingly fragmented; and in recent years we have even seen the rise of the "Long Tail," reflected in businesses such as Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and eBay, and now increasingly important even to traditional retailers.segmentation

Customers may differ by demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, media and shopping/channel preferences, etc. The need for accurate, actionable market segmentation and targeting is greater than ever; and our data-driven, analytic- and research-based segmentation solutions can help you navigate this dynamic, fragmented landscape successfully.

This link takes you to an example of predictive market segmentation modeling.

Brand Differentiation

Having a distinctive brand image is even more important today than in the past. We offer a full array of research- and analytic-based solutions to help you understand how your brand is perceived relative to competitors and, even more important, what to do about it.survey research

These solutions might include, among other things, Awareness, Attitude and Usage studies that can be used both for market definition and ongoing brand/advertising tracking; perceptual mapping; and at the communications stage, assistance with promise/concept development and testing, to help ensure that your messaging is not only on-strategy but also memorable, distinctive and persuasive.

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