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Marketing Solutions

four jigsaw puzzle piecesSmartDrill offers a broad portfolio of data-driven strategic and tactical solutions to address your most challenging marketing problems and improve your key financial metrics.

Key application areas include:

  • Market Analysis: irrespective of your particular market situation, we can help with activities such as market definition and forecasting, expansion into new markets or product lines, and retail trade area and store performance analysis. For more details, please visit the Market Analysis page.
  • Product or Service Development: we have powerful tools to help you develop new products, including analysis and selection of optimal features and pricing. For more details, please visit the Product Development page.

  • Brand Positioning: We provide powerful market segmentation, targeting and positioning insights, based on audience demographics, psychographics, brand perceptions and behavior, to help clients understand and optimize their brand's position relative to competitors. For more details, please visit the Positioning page.

  • Marketing Mix and Media Mix Optimization: our research- and analytic-based strategic and tactical solutions include evaluation of the four Ps of marketing (or the more customer-centric version that frames issues in terms of solution, information, value and access).  And we can evaluate and formulate recommendations for both traditional communications vehicles and the latest modes such as social media, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, Web analytics, etc. For more details, please visit the Marketing Mix Analysis page.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  Our solutions include advanced database mining to improve customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value maximization; as well as qualitative and quantitative research to understand customers' brand perceptions and purchase patterns. For more details, please visit the CRM page.

· Marketing Analytics 
· Market Research
· Operations Research
· Risk/Decision Analysis
· Project Management


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