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Marketing Mix /Media Mix Analysis

Whether you subscribe to the classic four Ps model or one of the more customer-centric models (consumer, cost, convenience, communication; or solution, information, value, access), we have powerful statistical tools to analyze marketing and media mix to maximize the impact of your marketing, advertising and PR budgets.

Inbound/Outbound Marketing/Media Mixmedia mix

With the rise of the Internet and the increasing power of the customer, clients must now consider supplementing or replacing traditional outbound marketing strategies and tactics with the newer inbound marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Please visit the SEO services page for more information on how we use powerful software and state-of-the-art techniques to help you optimize your website.  And the following link takes you to an example of a sales forecasting model that examines the effects of various marketing/media elements in predicting catalog sales of men's clothing over time.  We utilize data-driven analysis to help you understand what combination of inbound/outbound approaches makes the most sense for your particular business.

Channel and Communications Strategy

We can help you figure out how to segment your target market and tailor outreach messaging to selected segments so that you minimize cannibalization of one channel by another and maximize overall cart

If you are expanding into new distribution channels (e.g., from bricks-and-mortar to catalog, Web, etc.), some customers may stay with more traditional channels; others may switch from old to new channels; and still others may use multiple channels. We can help you analyze this channel complexity to maximize multi-channel performance.  This link takes you to an example of a predictive market segmentation model designed to identify, among current brokerage customers, those who would be most attracted to the brokerage firm's online services.

web URLAnd if you are relatively unfamiliar with some of the newer communications methods, we can help you navigate this new terrain. For example, we can help you analyze your website content and traffic, and assist with activities such as physical and/or virtual website siloing, page keyword analysis etc.

blogWe can also help you collect, organize and analyze Web data related to your brand and/or competitors, from multiple sources such as forums, blogs, news and social media sites. And we can even set up subscription Web Scraping plans to continually monitor the Web and update you periodically as new information emerges.

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