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Market Analysis

targetWhether you are expanding into new markets or product lines, or trying to improve your brand's position in its current market, we have powerful, data-based solutions to help you achieve success. For example, we have extensive experience helping clients launch new products or services, or position/reposition existing ones, in a wide variety of industries.

And because we believe that solid data are key to success, our solutions are developed on a solid base of qualitative and quantitative market research and/or analytics.

We also have solutions tailored to specific types of organization. For example:

  • For database marketing, we offer a full array of predictive modeling analytics for customer acquisition, retention and LTV maximization.
  • For retailers , we have research and analytic solutions to assist with acquisition and divestiture decisions, evaluation of retail trade area potential, and store/department performance maximization.
  • For nonprofit organizations, we can help identify best prospects for successful fundraising or volunteer recruitment, and can assist with outreach message development. We can also develop state-of-the-art lifetime value maximization models that help you get the most out of your current donor base.
  • For government agencies, we have experience ranging from public health issue research and analysis to competitive analysis for improved stimulation of tourism and economic development.

Market and Sales Forecastingmarket analysis

In today's dynamic, highly competitive marketplace, it is important for decision makers to understand how market forces, economic conditions and competitors' actions will impact their brand; and to determine how best to respond in order to remain highly competitive. We utilize powerful time-series techniques to better forecast market/sales performance.  Here is an example of catalog sales forecasting.  And here is an example in which a competitor's sudden action causes a market disturbance and a change in market share that must be understood via forecasting.

Retail Trade Area Analysis and Store Performance Analysis

Using any combination of proprietary, public and syndicated data, we can develop powerful trade area profiles and identify key drivers of competitive success. Our data-driven analytic techniques can assist acquisition, merger or divestiture strategy development. If desired, we can even get down to the department/planogram strategic and tactical level for individual retail outlets to help maximize performance.

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