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Free Analytic and Research
Information on the Web


These are information resources on the Web that you may find helpful. We try to keep this list updated regularly, but if you find any broken links, please let us know.

Here are Analytics information links:

These Data Mining information links take analytics to a level beyond traditional statistical analysis, and include areas such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and other machine-learning techniques:

Here are Market Research information links:

 Here are Operations Research information links:

Here are Decision Analysis information links:

  • This WikiPedia article provides a good introduction to the broad topic of Decision Theory.
  • This is a basic, general introduction to Decision Analysis at WikiPedia.
  • For those who want an in-depth look at Decision Analysis, this site, Tools for Decision Analysis (at the University of Baltimore), has a great amount of detailed instructional information.

These links focus specifically on Project Management information:

· Marketing Analytics 
· Market Research
· Operations Research
· Risk/Decision Analysis
· Project Management


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