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Website Audit for SEO


Problems with your website, such as broken anchors, links or redirects, missing Meta tags, etc., cannot only cause problems for your site's visitors, but they can also cause problems for search engines that are trying to catalog your site's pages and its link structure in order to give your site a fairly calculated page rank.  These problems can therefore cost you valuable page rank position on search engine results pages.

The following discussion shows how SmartDrill can help you keep your site in good working order for both visitors and search engines.  Below is a snapshot of the table of contents for a typical site audit report: 

Weatherscreen site audit table of contents

Before doing the audit, we can set some general options to control various thresholds for reporting problems.  For example, here are some adjustable threshold settings for just the Page Evaluation portion of the audit:

Weatherscreen audit Page Evaluation options

We can further customize analyses and reports to include more or less information.  Below is an example of how we can adjust the audit parameters for just the "check rules" portion of the audit by checking or unchecking various check boxes in the setup area.  Each of the other areas shown at the left below also has customizable audit options (not shown here): 

Weatherscreen auditor check rules

Once we have set the audit options, our auditing engine crawls your website and reports what it did and what it found.  Below is a sample high-level report designed for the CEO.  Depending on our initial audit settings, some auditable items may be skipped during the auditing process, in which case these are so indicated in the report:

Weatherscreen site audit overview for CEO

The above report indicates no serious problems (broken links, etc.), but it also shows us where some adjustments could be made to improve site performance.

The following series of report items provides more detail, and is intended to help the webmaster.  The first item, below, lists all the pages that have problems.  The right side of the table indicates what type of problem has been found:

Weatherscreen problem pages

The above table could be followed up with a more detailed "drill down" report (not shown here) that would list each of the specific items that are causing problems on each page.

In addition, we can produce a Metadata report such as the one below, that flags problems with Page Titles, Keyword Tags and Page Descriptions: 

Weatherscreen audit missing or invalid titles and metadata

Armed with such reports, webmasters can quickly and efficiently perform the necessary site maintenance, thus satisfying both site visitors and search engine crawlers.  It is a good idea to generate new reports at least monthly, or whenever a significant number of new pages are added to the site.

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