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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEOWhether you are just trying to improve your organic search engine ranking, or preparing to develop one or more pay-per-click advertising campaigns (e.g., Google AdWords), or perhaps considering accepting paid advertising on your site (e.g., Google AdSense), here are some of the many things our SEO services can accomplish, either for selected landing pages or for an entire website. [Note: in the following discussion, when we say "keyword" we are also referring to keyphrases that may be comprised of two or more words.]

Data Collection and Analysis for Organic SEO:

  • Keyword Optimization: First we examine the theme and content of the web page. Then we perform an extensive online search engine analysis to identify the best candidate keywords, based on a combination of high keyword popularity (number of searches) and low competition (number or search results). Then we analyze page tags, page content and layout/formatting to help maximize the impact of included keywords on search engine ranking.

    We may recommend some limited editing of page content to increase the presence and/or improve the location of valuable keywords, as long as this editing does not make the content seem "forced" or awkward. (One must always remember that while the right keywords can make a difference in search engine rankings, it is imperative to have page content that addresses your customer's needs. One must not become a slave to keyword analysis, or become overly focused on it.)

    For a more detailed discussion, and to see the typical keyword optimization process, please visit our Keyword Analysis page.

  • Link Analysis: We analyze your incoming, outgoing, and internal site links, help you determine incoming link quality, and identify websites that could be useful link partners (that could boost your search engine results page rank) and/or that could serve as good venues for placement of advertising or informational articles that direct people to your site.

    Incoming link ("backlink") quality is a key influence on search engine ranking.
    As part of our link analysis services, we can thoroughly analyze and report on how well your site is backlink-optimized for search engine ranking relative to key competitors' sites. This is done by examining the number, quality and source content of incoming links from various websites.

    Depending on the size and complexity of your site and the number, size and complexity of key competitors' sites that are selected for the comparative analysis, this task can involve the collection of vast amounts of Web data. But we have powerful tools for data collection and analysis that greatly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to obtain, organize and analyze these data.

    For a more detailed discussion, and to see a case study demonstrating our link-building and optimization capabilities, please visit our Link Analysis page.

  • Web Page Maintenance and Fine-Tuning:

    Our powerful website auditing engine can crawl your site to identify and report any problems that may be causing trouble for either site visitors or search engine crawlers, such as:
    • Broken anchors, internal/external links or redirects  [Broken links can easily go undetected, especially on large, complex sites having many levels of depth. But we have tools that quickly locate and report them.]
    • Page size (too large, too small) and page loading speed (too slow)
    • Amount and type of content (text and images)
    • Accessibility by visually impaired site visitors

      For a more detailed discussion, and to see examples of typical site audit reports, please visit our Website Audit page.
  • Organic SEO Problem Avoidance/Correction: We not only suggest ways to improve your organic SEO, but we can also help you avoid innocent mistakes for which search engines may actually penalize you.

Note: for small, localized businesses, we can also help you improve your chances of being found by other local businesses or individuals who are searching for products or services that you offer. This might include identification of, and placement on, local online business directories, which serves two purposes: it contributes to your SEO success (via additional backlinks), and it also improves your visibility among customers who may go directly to the online business directories instead of relying solely on major search engines.

Reporting and Recommendations

After we have completed the keyword, link and page optimization analyses, we furnish our clients with detailed, attractive, easy-to-use reports based on our thorough analysis. Then we integrate all this information and make specific, actionable recommendations for improving keyword lists, page tags, inbound link strategies, and page content and formatting, etc.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Analysis and Recommendations

In addition to the organic SEO services described above, for those who wish to promote their site using pay-per-click advertising, we can also assist with pay-per-click advertising strategies. Taking into consideration your budget and goals, we work to find the best combination of high keyword popularity and low keyword competition to develop a reasonable keyword selection strategy. And if we have already performed organic SEO analyses on your website, as described above, then this task becomes even quicker and easier. It's a cost-effective way to leverage the SEO analysis we've already done for you, to give you added benefits at a low cost. We can also help you plan advertising tests to refine your strategies based on initial results.

Optimizing Paid On-Site Advertising

If one of your goals is to generate revenue by accepting paid advertising on your site, we can help you figure out which advertisers make the most sense for you. And if we have already done an organic SEO analysis and/or pay-per-click advertising analysis for you, then we can leverage those results to make this task simpler, faster, and lower cost.

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