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Data & Research Services
We handle data collection and data management; public data acquisition; and syndicated data overlays. We design and execute qualitative and quantitative primary research and perform secondary data collection and analysis such as Web scraping, social media analysis, etc.

Marketing Analytics (overview page)
SmartDrill has a broad array of marketing analytic services. We have deep and broad experience, from classical statistics to the newest machine learning techniques; and from traditional structured data analysis to sentiment mining of unstructured text data:

  • Basic Introduction to Analytic Techniques
    This page describes a variety of data analytic techniques ranging from simpler to more advanced, and discusses the strengths and limitations of each one.
  • Predictive Modeling
    This diagram shows a typical predictive modeling data mining process for using techniques such as linear or logistic regression, CHAID, etc.
  • Logistic Regression
    This bank loan credit risk analysis demonstrates the use of binary logistic regression for identifying high-risk loan applicants.
    This brokerage services analysis demonstrates the use of a predictive ordinal CHAID model for market segmentation and targeting.
    • Introduction To CHAID
      This is a basic introduction to CHAID predictive segmentation modeling. It discusses nominal and ordinal methods and shows a simple CHAID Tree Diagram and Gains Table.
  • Cox Regression
    This analysis demonstrates the use of Cox Regression to create a customer loyalty or "churn" model in the telecommunications industry.
  • ARIMA Time-Series Forecasting
    This analysis demonstrates the use of ARIMA time-series sales forecasting.
  • Market Share Forecasting
    This example builds an ARIMA time-series market share forecasting model to understand fluctuations in market share resulting from the entry of a new competitor into the market.
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
    SmartDrill provides a full range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for both large organizations and small, localized businesses.

Operations Research & Analytics (overview page)
Here we apply any of a number of powerful mathematical and statistical tools such as linear programming, Monte Carlo simulation modeling, decision trees, etc.:

  • Optimization Programming
    Here we introduce several types of optimization programming, including linear/nonlinear, mixed-integer and goal programming, as well as multiple objective optimization.
  • Linear Programming
    Here we demonstrate the use of linear programming to solve a simple make-vs.-buy decision problem.
  • Integer Programming
    This example uses integer programming to solve a personnel staffing optimization problem.
  • Nonlinear Programming
    This example uses nonlinear programming to maximize the expected profit of a consulting firm's project portfolio.
  • Evolutionary Optimization
    This example uses evolutionary optimization to solve the classic traveling salesperson problem.
  • Goal Programming
    This is an example of linear programming optimization using goal programming to assist with planning a housing development.
  • Multiple Objective Linear Programming
    This example uses Multiple Objective Linear Programming (MOLP) to solve a power plant fuel buying problem by trading off the desire to minimize fuel cost with the desire to minimize pollution.
  • Queueing Optimization
    This page is a basic introduction to queueing optimization, with links to specific examples.
    • M/M/S queueing model
      This is an example of a M/M/S queueing model where we attempt to adjust the queue length and number of servers to handle peak system traffic.
    • G/G/S queueing model
      This example shows a G/G/S queueing model for supermarket checkout lines.
    • M/G/S queueing model
      This is a queueing model for a fast-food restaurant with 3 queues, showing how a self-service drink dispenser improves the bottom line.
    • M/D/S queueing model
      This example shows how a car wash can improve service throughput and increase its bottom line by shifting from hand drying to automated drying.
  • Risk Analysis
    This is an overview of risk analysis techniques.
    • Monte Carlo Simulation
      This pages discusses the Monte Carlo simulation approach to risk analysis and includes examples to show how it works.
    • Monte Carlo Optimization
      Here is an example that combines Monte Carlo risk analysis simulation with nonlinear programming to optimize consulting project assignments.
  • Decision Analysis
    Here we introduce decision analysis and show examples of decision matrices and decision trees based on a hypothetical decision problem.
  • Project Management
    Here we discuss project management techniques, including CPM/PERT; CCPM; project crashing and optimized project crashing; and risk or uncertainty simulation.

Our staff’s research and analytic consulting experience covers a wide range of B-to-B and B-to-C industries, as well as nonprofits and government agencies.

Here are some case studies covering analytic projects & research projects for B-to-B and B-to-C, nonprofits and government agencies.

About SmartDrill
We are a Massachusetts data mining firm that has participated in research and analytic consulting efforts on behalf of clients ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, as well as nonprofits and government organizations.

· Marketing Analytics 
· Market Research
· Operations Research
· Risk/Decision Analysis
· Project Management


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